"The first glance is worth a thousand words."
Professional web design for companies by flasco for more customer enquiries
Business card design by flasco for companies

What do your company, your products, your services stand for? A strong external and internal image is like the salt in the soup. After all, employees and partners should also identify with your company.

If you want to appear professional, you need a clear line in your design. We accompany you from the development of your corporate design and the screen design of your website to the design and production of flyers, folders and large posters.

Our design services

→ CI development:

In the beginning was the word - or not the logo and the world of colours? We have the big picture in mind and work with you to develop your corporate identity and corporate design. And of course everything that goes with it. 

→ Web and screen design:

What do
you have to pay attention to when creating web products
graphically? Which elements attract the viewer's attention? And what must not happen
under any circumstances? We are happy to advise and support

→ Graphic design:

From business cards to large-scale posters, from trade fair stands to customer magazines - we create and produce all your print products.