Florian Aspalter Wealth Advisor from Lower Austria, Purgstall for Financial Planning, Investment and Portfolio Analysis


Imagine that planning and managing your finances gives you real pleasure. With Florian Aspalter as your wealth planner, this wish becomes reality. As a CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) he meets the highest international standards and is your lifelong companion for all wealth and business assets. 

For the people
Because at flasco, the focus is always on you as a person. Your need for trust and satisfaction is our primary mission. So that you can sleep peacefully and also ensure that it is passed on to your descendants. The following principles serve this purpose:

→ Holistic view of the asset structure
→ Future-oriented, innovative investments
→ Broad, balanced portfolio
→ Custom-fit, manageable financing
→ Regulated, timely succession planning

For information on individual asset planning, follow us here. For questions on the financial organisation of your company, we advise you at this point.

"For your future!
We completely rethink wealth and financing."