"If you run a business, you have to know the market inside out.
We are the top experts in all kinds of finance."


As a successful entrepreneur, you are responsible for many areas: the human, the social, the economic. It is precisely this holistic approach that also counts for us. We don't just look at your capital and your forms of financing, but at your entire environment, your goals and wishes. 

Your future with successful financial planning

Based on your past, we shape your future together with you. Even with complex corporate structures. In this way, you as a manager or board member ensure future success and can devote yourself fully to your day-to-day business.

We view your company as a system in a continuous cycle.

Wealth planning and asset management process for the future of flasco

Our mission is fulfilled when, in addition to more profit, a bonus remains in your leisure and satisfaction account.

All data on the radar

To ensure that you are sustainably successful in the long term, we have an overview of all the details of your entrepreneurial balance sheet. This applies to one-man businesses as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and international corporations. 

What you can rely on with us: Partnership at eye level, handshake quality, professionalism and international know-how according to CFP® standards. After an in-depth analysis and the formulation of common objectives, it's time for implementation:

  • Preparation of financial plans
  • Planned balance sheets
  • Plan profit and loss accounts
  • Investment plans
  • Meetings and negotiations with financing partners

Planning, transfer, mergers, expansions

We support you at all levels with professional integrated corporate planning, strategic change management as well as targeted marketing and PR campaigns - see separate section.

Change management in particular offers many opportunities. We walk every path of change together with you:

  • Company transfers, mergers and expansions
  • Preparation and implementation of change projects
  • Balance sheet optimisation with regard to debt and equity capital
  • Capital Funding: Cash Flow and Capital Raising
  • Conducting negotiations with capital providers and strategic partners
  • Tenders for financing and investments

We realise financing

In order for your company to develop successfully, additional innovative measures are often required. Together with the management or the board of directors, we also work out alternative forms of financing, such as:

  • Factoring - transfer of receivables to a credit institution
  • Leasing - contracts for the transfer of use
  • Financing in line with deadlines 

It is always important to have a clear overview of the financing structures.
Therefore, we are looking for answers to the following questions:

  • What are the deadlines for the commitment period of the capital? 
  • Who is the investor and what is his legal status?
  • What is the extent of liability and what is the investor liable for? 
  • How is the interest on the capital determined?